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Chobi Zeigler Collection:

Zeigler”was the first European company,which commissioned the production of Persian rugs in the 19th century with Western Market in mind using softer palettes than those typically found in Persian rugs. Zeigler rugs were designed by the leading designers of Europe and woven by the Master Weavers of Iran.Based on the softer version of Persian design their muted colors using vegetable dyes and simple yet striking pattern fit well with modern neutral color schemes and both contemporary and traditional decor. Zeigler rugs are probably the most sought after Handmade rugs all over the world. Weavers of these rugs usually use their own symmetrical Turkish double-knotting style, which tends to be dense and tightly packed. The pile of these rugs is thick, lustrous wool, handspun from local sheep, with strong cotton as the material of choice for the foundation. Natural vegetable and root dyes are mainly used for the coloring. These rugs are among the most sturdy and hardwearing, still using the weaving techniques employed thousands of years ago,which make these rugs. INVESTMENT RUG